Wollmeise Blend

Blend: 70% wool (Merino), 20% Cashmere, 10% Polyamid, (machine wash up to 30 degrees Celsius), semisolid
Weight/Yardage:  150 g/ 499 m (100 g/333 m)
Needle size: 3,00 mm – 4,00 mm

Price: EUR 31.90


Blend is a mixture and we have combined the advantages of cashmere, merino and a part of polyamid to achieve the perfect balance of this mixture.
We believe that we have found the optimal twist for "Blend". The twisting should not lose the soft, fluffy character of the cashmere part but it should still be stable enough to avoid any strong pilling effect, which is often the case in cashmere yarns. We are offering this quality in semi-solid colorways only.
Because of mixing of cashmere, merino and polyamide some semi-solid colour-ways have turned out rather more „mixed“ than usual. In case several skeins of one colour are to be knitted together then a regular exchange of skeins should be aimed for. For technical
reasons, with this quality, 2 knots per skein can occur. This still falls within our quality standards.

Hand coloring
This wood is dyed by hand, which means, every skein is an unique specimen. Wool with the same name contains always the same basic colors, but there appear sometimes brighter, sometimes darker, sometimes dominates one color, sometimes the other. The hand dyeing are not identic reproducible also the quantity is limited, which is not a disadvantage for the skeins, but makes them more desirable.

Knitting tips
When knitting lager pieces, the result will be especially nice by alternating between two balls, like knitting striped sweaters. The color progression of different skeins will then harmonize, without building up stripes. When working with high contrast yarn it is advised to sort all wool in lighter and darker shades in advance, so all colors can be distributed equal.
For a project, the skeins should therefore visually fit, in sufficient quantity and not chosen by lot number. At following orders an appropriate selection quantity should be paid to.

This multicolor dye arises in socks striping and no spirals:
Flea Market, Aspentree, On the red carpet, Daisy, Flower Power, stormy sky, Hoochie Mama, Indian Red, Iris Sibirica, coral in the sea, Maharani, Mary deepest purple, Martha, Peggy, Raku Rainbow, Rainbow, Saami, Sultan, Plunging Lake, Imp Waltz, Wild poppy.

Semisolid and Multicolors
"Semisolid" are dyes that are actually uni colored, but have shades. Due to the wool as a natural product, the color is assumed not always evenly by the fibers. Light and dark color variations can occur within a skein and / or within a batch. This makes the skeins not just uni but semisolid. The following “Semisolids” are available in the selection Light, Medium, Dark: Magnolia, Tutu, Neptune, Petit Poison No. 5 and Amethyst.
„Multicolors“ are dyes that contain multiple colors. All „Multicolors“ are available in the selection Light, Medium, Dark.

Wool is bleeding
Sporadic it may occur that the wool is bleeding. In that case the wool could not hold the entire color. To fix the color in the yarn, the wool should be bathed in vinegar and afterwards washed in plain water. That process shall be repeated until no more color is
washed out of the yarn. The wool does not lose its color intensity.


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