Unicorn - Fibre Rinse (classic scent) 473 ml

Unicorn - Fibre Rinse (classic scent) 473 ml



The life of your knit begins with the first washing! You can trust Unicorn products to clean and care for your most cherished yarns and hand-knit creations. My favorite detergent of all time. Fibre Rinse is a scented Fiber Conditioning Rinse.

Unicorn's gentle cleaning action destroys dirt but preserves the integrity of even the most delicate fiber.

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  • It enhances the softness of delicates and synthetics
  • It softens, illuminates, and makes natural fibers anti-static
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Reduces the "itch factor" in wools.
  • Earth-friendly, biodegradable.
  • not tested on animals
  • effective in all water temperatures
  • gentle & FREE from dyes, phosphates, fillers, or irritants

Always follow Manufacturer's Care Label directions. Test for colorfastness before washing.

Ingredients: Nonionic Surfactant – Cationic Quaternary which is an anti-static conditioning agent, Glacial Acetic Acid (a vinegar-like solution) that helps lock in colors, aqua and .1% lavender fragrance (classic scent)or .0004% essential oil (fragrance-free).

Made in the USA.


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