ChiaoGoo - Red Lace Circular, 80 cm

ChiaoGoo - Red Lace Circular, 80 cm



The fixed RED Lace circular knitting needle range is one of the most popular collections by ChiaoGoo. These circular needles are very user-friendly. The matte finish will not reflect any light, which normally makes it hard to see your work. These needles are made of stainless steel, a hypoallergenic material that is safe to use for most people with a nickel allergy. Steel alloy is very strong, wear-resistant, lightweight, and fully recyclable. The tapered tips are slightly pointier. 

The smooth surface ensures that the yarn glides off the needles effortlessly. The transition between the needle and the RED cable is seamless. The extremely flexible (and memory-free) cable coated with red nylon consists of multiple steel wires, which prevent the cable from kinking or twisting while knitting. The needle size has been laser imprinted on each needle. 

This fixed RED Lace circular needle by ChiaoGoo is 80cm long and is available in sizes 1.50-15.00mm.

Is the article sold out or do you need more than we have in stock or do you need another size or length? Please contact us via email!

Price: EUR 9.90 EUR 7.90


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