Sharp DPN Set

Sharp DPN Set

Supplier: HiyaHiya

Love DPNs? Love this stylish practical set containing the most useful DPN sizes in stainless steel sharp, presented in a brocade case. For people who love knitting socks with DPNs this is a must have.

The case offers all together 36 pockets for your DPNs.

Product code: 54306000

Price: EUR 45.60

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Set contains the following:

  • 1 set 6″ (15 cm) 2,25 mm Sharp DPNs
  • 1 set 6″ (15 cm) 2,50 mm Sharp DPNs
  • 1 set 6″ (15 cm) 2,75 mm Sharp DPNs
  • 1 set 6″ (15 cm) 3,50 mm Sharp DPNs

Presented in a cotton-lined, Chinese brocade DPN case.
Case available in assorted brocade designs and colours.