ChiaoGoo - 5" Twist interchangeable tips, 13 cm, large

ChiaoGoo - 5" Twist interchangeable tips, 13 cm, large



These 5" (13 cm) needle tips are made from stainless steel and have a precisely shaped, pointy tip.
When properly connected to a matching ChiaoGoo cable, the transition between needle tips and cable is barely noticeable

Price: EUR 12.50 EUR 4.00


The ChiaoGoo TWIST interchangeable knitting needle tips work perfectly in conjunction with the TWIST and SPIN range of cables, as well as the ChiaoGoo cable connectors and end stoppers. A highly practical selection of knitting needles, simply combines different tips, cables, and accessories to create the perfect circular knitting needle for your project's needs! Made from durable surgical stainless steel, this selection of knitting needle tips features precisely tapered tips, a lightweight hollow body, and permanently lasered needle size engravings. Each needle tip is 13 cm. Ideal for lace knitting.


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