BC Garn - BO - organic Wool not only for Men

Supplier: BC Garn

Blend: 100 % wool
Weight/Meter: 50 g/225 m (100 g/ 450 m)
Needle size: 3,00 mm - 3,50 mm 
Tension/Gauge: 22 sts
Care: wool washing program or hand wash, dry flat
Usage: female sweater size M (38-40) ca. 400 g

Price: EUR 4.90


Our "wool for men" is rustic, keeps its shape, and has the look and feel of proper wool. "Bo" comes in typical male colors that women like, too.

Bo is pure wool with a voluminous touch and long yardage, perfectly suited for large garments and home accessories like blankets, oversize cardigans, sweaters, coats, etc., because it is so light.

Bo is a so-called woolen-spun yarn, which means that as opposed to worsted spun yarns, where the yarn is combed until all short fibers are sorted out and all fibers lie more or less straight and parallel to each other, the shorter and curly fibers stay in the thread. This results in a more voluminous, lighter yarn with great insulation characteristics. The yarn gets softer with washing and wearing.

The name derives from the founder of BC Garn, Bo Carstensen. This yarn was one of his first yarn developments - at that time under the name Yorkshire due to the typical British look and feel - and he once stated that it is his favorite yarn because it has the characteristics of "real wool".

Bo is spun in Italy from organic raw wool from mulesing-free farms in South America. It meets strict GOTS requirements.


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