Cardiff Cashmere

Cardiff Cashmere

Cashmere in the soul.

Cashmere inspired the creation and development of CARDIFF's activity begun by a family of Biella businessmen, who in the 1980's saw and believed in this fibre as the maximum expression of quality and prestige in the field of textile production.

CARDIFF started out as a company for knitwear yarns, which enjoyed success in the luxury clothing market and which made its mark with the unmistakeable style of its yarns and colours. At the beginning of the 1990's the new line of ball knitting yarns was launched, still rigorously in cashmere, to meet the most refined demands of those keen on handmade knitwear.

Over the years the company philosophy has always been based on certain fundamental principles: the exclusive specialization in cashmere dedicating every resource and means to its finishing, the research for quality at every level, from the choice of the best fibres to accurate processing, colour as an essential element in enhancing cashmere according to seasonal trends and a stock service to guarantee clientele prompt delivery in all the colours on the card.

CARDIFF yarns on cones for machine knitting or balls for hand knitting are considered by those who use them superior in quality to rival products, thanks to a craftsman's stamp rather than an industrial one and thanks also to experience in treating textile fibres linked to Biella's wool tradition, the city where it has its headquarters.




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